TattooSalon Art ideas for your body

Over 18's Only

Tattooing persons under the age of 18 is not legal in the United Kingdom, not even with parental consent, so you have to be older to get a tattoo from us.


Our shop has a minimum price of £ 50. As tattoos diverse from each other greatly in size and time of execution, which depends also on a great may factors, (place on the body, skin type, pain threshold etc) all tattoos are priced individually. For large tattoos we charge an hourly rate of £ 100. This however only applies to tattoos which take at least three hours to execute.


Our shop is not a large place, so please if you can leave your toddlers at home. There is no place to put your buggies and we can't provide a competent chaperon to watch over your kids. There are sharp instruments and all sorts of knickknacks that a resourceful kid can hurt oneself with. A tattoo shop is no place for kids.